Hellenic Union of Romania


The Hellenic Union of Romania is an apolitical and nonaffiliated political
organization, his goal is to maintain and perpetuate his ethnical identity, his language,
culture, religion, cultural inheritance, tradition and historical continuity.
The Hellenic Union of Romania was founded to Bucharest, on December 28,
1989 and achieved legal personality on February 26 1990. This organization is actually
The Hellenic Communities of Romania who represents historical and legal continuity of
the Greek communities formed and built up during history. It promotes in Romania and
abroad, the highest values of the Romanian’s democratic traditions, defends and
preserves the Hellenic national identity, the rights and the interests of his members of the
local communities therefore they exercise their right in a free way.

Str. Alecsandri Vasile, 8, Bucuresti-Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ www.uniunea--elena.ro