5th Translation Festival

5<sup>th</sup> Translation Festival

Much has been said about the way books “let you travel without moving your feet” (Jhumpa Lahiri). In particular this year that exceptional conditions have disrupted our lives and traveling has practically been forbidden, literature has once again proved to be the ideal companion that soothes all the changes in our everyday lives, as “reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are” (Mason Cooley).

Consequently, through reading we travel to an unknown place, whether this place represents a completely different way of life, or it is just about another geographical space. No matter if literature comes from a distant place or from a neighboring country, thanks to the translators we are capable of reading it in our own language. That is the reason why the 17th Thessaloniki International Book Fair hosts for the 5th consecutive year its long-established Translation Festival.

The Translation Festival aims to spotlight the translators and their work, and it seeks to accentuate the fundamental role that translation and translators play in the interaction between cultures and in the world literary scene.

Like every year, the program is addressed to both translators and the general public.


Translations that Have Left their Imprint on Us
The Relationship between the Translator and the Author