Nora-Druk Publishers

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Company description:

Our publishing house was founded in 1996. For 27 years on the market we published near one thousand titles, most of them are works of Ukrainian authors, while about 30% are translations.
Areas of interest are general fiction, contemporary literature, commercial fiction, thrillers, crimes, biographies.
We opened new names of Ukrainian bestselling authors.
Nora-Druk Publishers took part as a co-exhibitor of Ukrainian collective stand at international book fairs in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Paris, Beirut, Abu Dhabi and in fellowship programs in Frankfurt Book Fair, Milan International Book Fair, Turin International Book Fair, Sharjah Publishers Conference, Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program.
Nora-Druk sells and buys rights and co-operates with French, American, English, Canadian, Italian, Arabic, Turkish agencies, publishers and foundations.
We haven’t worked with the Greek book market before.

What do you expect from Thessaloniki Book Fair?

During the fellowship at Thessaloniki Book Fair, I expect to learn more about the Greek publishing market, to establish contacts with Greek publishers who sell translation rights on the works of Greek contemporary authors of fiction, to represent my catalogue of translation rights to those who might be interested in translations from Ukrainian into Greek, to learn about translation grant programs that support translations of works by Greek authors into other languages, to tell publishers about opportunities for international publishers who wish to translate the works of Ukrainian authors into other languages. I will be glad to meet and negotiate with other participants of the fellowship, and I also hope to get acquainted with Greek culture and landmarks of the city of Thessaloniki for the first time, since I have never been to Greece before.